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Let Us Manage Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Increase Its Effectiveness

Our methods of PPC management help increase response and decrease your cost per click every time.

4 Major PPC Networks

We provide PPC management services for Google Adwords, Bing Advertising, Facebook Advertising, and LinkedIn Advertising. We also have the expertise in house to manage other PPC networks per request.

Google AdWords Management
Bing Advertising Management
Facebook Advertising Management
LinkedIn Advertising Management

Campaign & Ad Management

We separate each major message, product, or services you are promoting into their own campaigns with their own ads. We write your ads for you, providing for A/B split testing within each campaign.

Campaign Creation & Management
Ad Copy Writing
A/B Split Test
Landing Page Consulting

Keyword & Bid Strategy

Once your ads are written, we do our research to find the most profitable search terms for your campaigns and opimize your bid strategy to give you the most clicks for the lowest price possible.

Keyword Research
Keyword Selection & Bidding
Bid Monitoring
Conversion Tracking

Reporting & Optimization

As your campaigns run, we monitor and adjust your ad, keywords, bids, and budgets. Each month, we replace the "losing" ads with new ads to attempt to outperform the "winning" ads, always improving.

Monthly Reports
New Ad Copy Writing
Bid & Keyword Adjustments
Conversion Consulting

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